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    Enjoy the Zuma Deluxe and Revenge Game Editions! Play online the most awesome puzzle games from the world! Shoot the right balls to match the colors of these briliant free bubble shooter games!
    Action, adventure and speed embeded in the same game!

    Zuma is one of the most addicting game from the world to relax, develop and synchronize the hands, the brain and the eyes capabilities.

    For online gamers we are proud to present a full collection and offer a free adventure into Zuma's World of Flash Games.

    Zuma's is based on the name Montezuma, an ancient Aztec emperor. During his time the Aztec Empire had reach the highest expansion level. King Montezuma has died killed with round stones. Playing the game you will remember the story of pyramids where traps are often large rolling stones.

    The original arcade game follow the idea to splash round bubbles of same colors. The oldest game is called simple. In 2004 PopCap Games, Inc. launched the concept and Zuma online has become their registered trademark.

    Zuma Deluxe is an improved version for online gamers of classic game. Unfortunately, to play it's special bubble shooter version you'll need to download the trial for desktop and to pay the license if you want to play all levels. Named Zuma Deluxe 2 it is almost the same with many disadvantages: is not for free and can't be played online.

    Few years ago, the Zuma's creators and their company's PopCap Games released another amazing online game. Zuma's Revenge is one of the most addictive ever with re-shaped stones and balls and a new graphic design.

    Zuma Blitz is the latest online puzzle game created exclusive for Facebook players.

    Many Zuma Games have downloadable versions available for iPhone, mobile phones, Windows, MacOS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

    In parallel with PopCap Games development other game producers have released some cute, online and free games as Deluxe or Revenge variants. The player can choose new interesting ball games now. A new look is Svetlograd with special effects, strange bonuses hidden in the trees and a high quality 3D background. If most of games are bubble shooters the Bru Zuma come with a brilliant gaming style: why do you need to shoot the balls when you can move them as in a basic puzzle?.

    Shoot free bubbles online with no charge. Start right now to enter in top of best players of this amazing arcade game.

    Warning: these action games are addictive ! Don't forget to breathe and to take a brake especially after highest scores:). Start to roll-up the balls!